Feng shui (風水), also known as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, use for harmonizing flow of energies in our working or living environment to help one improve life by receiving positive qi.

Find your birth element using Ba Zi (natal data)
BaZi- The Destiny Code: Your Guide to the Four Pillars of Destiny

As I mentioned in my previous post, you would need to find out your birth element to be able to apply the right Feng Shui elements into your environment.
First let me explain more clearly what is Ba Zi (natal data).
Basicly, Ba Zi analyzes the unique numerals of an individual's birth data and gender then matches them to a matrix of metaphysical knowledge based on the Sun and its
elemental influences on him/her. From which it uses the 5 basic elements, Wood (木), Fire (火), Earth (土), Metal (金) and Water(水) to represent and map out each
individual's Four Pillars of fate and destiny, in which that's why some fortune tellers can tell your fortune simply by analysing your Bazi map (well that's another
topic altogether).

Before reading on, do an online personal Ba Zi analysis at one of these website:
From which you should get a table showing your Ba Zi (natal Data) analysis.
Leave that window open and continue to read on...

The 4 Pillars are allocated into the Year, Month, Day and Hour. Each pillar is represented by an element, as translated from one's birth data.
Each pillar consists of the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch.
The self-element (which is what we are trying to find out before going about employing Feng Shui into your environment) represented by the Day pillar (which means you should be looking at the column under DAY matching the row Heavently Stem) of the Heavenly Stem is used as a reference point in its inter-relationships with the other seven elements in the 4 Pillars for fortune reading.

This system maps out the 12 stages of the life cycle in a person's life to reveal the strengths of the SELF-element within this framework. This forms the basis for a
precise interpretation and an accurate forecast of a person's destiny. Ba Zi interpretation encompasses the various aspects of one's life and the forecast of his
future is also based on influence of the ruling element of his luck pillar, year, month and hour.
I shall stop here for the Ba Zi analysis, although there's still so much more to talk about on this topic, as I am not talking about fortune telling using Ba Zi, I
just want to demonstrate how to find out your birth element for your Feng Shui analysis need.

Now that you know what's your birth element, you can refer back to the previous post about the five element's productive and destructive relationships and what kind of element you need more of and others that you need to eliminate in your surrounding environment.

Now that you have found out your birth element, maybe you would like to read more on your birth element, by choosing one of the below books:

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